Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Ikarvus Zoombee stood on the bridge at sunset. The radiance of the sun made him smile, as it had a million times before. After a few moments of searching, he had found burried in his head, the location of his target. His clothes felt strangely uncomofrtable and heavy, it was beyond him how these beings lived in such an atire, but he adored them nevertheless. He made his way down to the long curvy road and started walking towards a place they called Manchester towers.

Zoombee couldn't stop smiling, his face was more radiant than the stars. His entire body was shaking with excitement, like a little boy in the greatest toy store. He was walking on the middle of the road, observing the lake that stood by its side, it was dense and dirty. A truck turned into the road and came towards him at a menacing speed. Zoombee froze at the sight of it and realised what it was. The internal combusion engine he thought to himself. The truck driver started honking , but instead of getting out of the way, Zoombee moved towards it, hit by adoration. He had only seen pictures and vidoes of this legendary off spring of science, but now it was coming to him,and he wanted to embrace it as if it were a beautiful child.

The truck driver honked even more and Zoombee was suddenly released from his trance, he qucikly jumped out of the way, realising the danger. The truck passed him by. Strewn on the ground, he watched the truck move away sadly, as if it were his lover, running away from him, leaving him to the mercy of solitude. Odah feared that this would eventually happen, that he would be carried away by this land and all that it contained.

Zoombee cleared his mind and focused on his goal, to find Hanzel. He walked down the road, guided by the make shift map that resided in his mind. He turned back and looked at the bridge for a moment. By sun set tommorow he had to be on it with Hanzel.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Droollllllllll - Pet Carnival 3

There were close to two hundred people waiting in a line to enter the "3rd Pet Carnival " held at Ramalingam Chettiar Higher Sec School, Saibaba Colony. We were amongst them, tired and tanned under the cruel sun. The organisers did a decent job, but it could have been better. Two hundred people was a bit too much for us, so we set off in search of an alternate entry point. Not only did we get ahead of the crowd, but we even avioded paying the thirty rupee entry fee. A small opening was left un gaurded near a " Bajje and Bonda " stall, and we walked in.

For a second the entire venue resembeled a poultry farm, there were chicken everywhere,some even offered on plates, at 20 Rs a serving, they tasted all right. Four stalls showcasing goats, atleast thats what they called them. To us they were mutated versions of goats, crossed with the ugliest of basset hounds. But shockingly these aninmals had a name, " Jamuna Bari ", and they could be sold at anywhere from forty thousand to four lakh rupees ! You could spot dozens of horses and other barn yard animals. One stall show cased persian cats that were on sale for ten thousand rupees.

Next we came across " Clothin Puppy", a brand that designed casual clothing for dogs. The stall was beyond crowded, dozens of visitors patiently waited to accesorise their furry friends. Shirts, neck ties, sweaters, gowns and more, all designed for doggies. The stall helpers dressed up the animals without any compliactions, that was until an owner walked in with a horse like "great dane". But surprisngly the stall owners had approprite clothing boxed away in the back, my photogrpaher was too shocked to click a pciture. You can find these products at select pet stores across the city, and they cost only a few hundreds or so. Check out the video in the corner if your curious as to how these fur balls are dressed. These costumes can make your ugly mut look like a CK model, but they have their own cons. Your pet would never enjoying easing himself ever again and the outfits get dirty easily.

The rest of the dog show was pretty standard. As expected there were many breeds, and tons of prizes given away. I expected to see an army of pugs dominating the crowds, but surprisngly there were very few of them. Instead there were great danes all over. The old hutch adverts had glorified the Pug breed, prices had gone up by a hundred percent, but later owners realised that they were very hard to maintain. There were dozens of Labradors all over. There were even a few Jack Russell Terrier's and Rotwilers. But the most unique breed we spotted was the French Bull Dog. We could go blah and blah about more breeds, but then you've heard that before.

One sad fact was that many of the animals in stalls were housed in a savage manner, caged like animals ready to be butchered, deprived and dehydrated like ten year old cows that were born for one purpose, to taste steel. That was a bit too much, but the you get the point folks. It was ironic that the "Humane Treatment of Animals Society" had put up a stall next to some these cages. But then irony goes hand in hand with reality, like lovers reunited after an eon. All in all, the Pet Carnival was jolly little event for the entire family. Ho ho ho !

New eateries hitting CBE soon.....

Food, the only comodity that seems constantly sell in this city, everytihng else has it ups and downs, booms and recesions. But food will always be eaten , even if it tastes like crap ( Apple Bee’s , next to Baskin Robins, Race Course,and no you do not want to eat there ). But there is a lot of good food, and more coming soon. There will be loads of new restraunts opening in the city soon. AFC will be opening on the 15th of this month, it resembles outlets like KFC and MC Donalds, but they dont boast chicken wings, but instead Chicken Slices. There are loads of new items on the menu for all you omnivores, but the cows wont find it too tempting as the Veg side of the menu is only a few lines long.Our beloved Atmos is now coming back to us at Red Fields, near Race Course on Feb 4th. You can also expect another branch of That’s Y Food at the old home of Atmos, the Vibes complex. Tasty nuts, a new joint thats opening up near PSG CAS, and no we have no clue as to what they intend to serve their customers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Battle Of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands event that has been held in our awesome little city the past couple of years, had so far only fostered our growing local talent. This year we want to do it bigger and yes we have for Coimbatore is now officially on the stage,of India's raving mad band culture. So come all and be a part of the new scene. Bands from all over the country are invited to battle it out at Coimbatore's best venue GRD auditorium which has some of the best sound equipment and setting and engineers. Plus Coimbatore is just a nice, chilled out place to take a trip to, and listen to some real good music.Lots of prizes to win, and then proceeds go to the good causes of Mr.Johnson's Music Therapy Centre for Differently abled children and to the All India Anglo-Indian's Association- Coimbatore Branch Education Fund.

Some of the bands you will see at BOB2010

Timaraah and Bicycle days from Bangalore.
T.W.K.C ( Thundu beedi, Water Packet, Kutchi Ice, Curd Rice ) from Chennai
43 from Madurai
Death Prayer, Blacksmiths ,Echoes of throne( Fat B***** and Grp) from Coimby
Random bands from Erode
And many more

Tickets are available in three variants Rs 200, Rs 500 and Rs 1000

Tickets out for grabs !!
Contact for details and other enquiry :
Arjun Mohan - 9944709086
Malcolm Simmons - 9994975395
Kaarthick Senthil - 9843090001
Devanshu Gupta - 9944970668