Thursday, January 14, 2010

New eateries hitting CBE soon.....

Food, the only comodity that seems constantly sell in this city, everytihng else has it ups and downs, booms and recesions. But food will always be eaten , even if it tastes like crap ( Apple Bee’s , next to Baskin Robins, Race Course,and no you do not want to eat there ). But there is a lot of good food, and more coming soon. There will be loads of new restraunts opening in the city soon. AFC will be opening on the 15th of this month, it resembles outlets like KFC and MC Donalds, but they dont boast chicken wings, but instead Chicken Slices. There are loads of new items on the menu for all you omnivores, but the cows wont find it too tempting as the Veg side of the menu is only a few lines long.Our beloved Atmos is now coming back to us at Red Fields, near Race Course on Feb 4th. You can also expect another branch of That’s Y Food at the old home of Atmos, the Vibes complex. Tasty nuts, a new joint thats opening up near PSG CAS, and no we have no clue as to what they intend to serve their customers.

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vigs said...

Whiere is AFC opening?!?