Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Ikarvus Zoombee stood on the bridge at sunset. The radiance of the sun made him smile, as it had a million times before. After a few moments of searching, he had found burried in his head, the location of his target. His clothes felt strangely uncomofrtable and heavy, it was beyond him how these beings lived in such an atire, but he adored them nevertheless. He made his way down to the long curvy road and started walking towards a place they called Manchester towers.

Zoombee couldn't stop smiling, his face was more radiant than the stars. His entire body was shaking with excitement, like a little boy in the greatest toy store. He was walking on the middle of the road, observing the lake that stood by its side, it was dense and dirty. A truck turned into the road and came towards him at a menacing speed. Zoombee froze at the sight of it and realised what it was. The internal combusion engine he thought to himself. The truck driver started honking , but instead of getting out of the way, Zoombee moved towards it, hit by adoration. He had only seen pictures and vidoes of this legendary off spring of science, but now it was coming to him,and he wanted to embrace it as if it were a beautiful child.

The truck driver honked even more and Zoombee was suddenly released from his trance, he qucikly jumped out of the way, realising the danger. The truck passed him by. Strewn on the ground, he watched the truck move away sadly, as if it were his lover, running away from him, leaving him to the mercy of solitude. Odah feared that this would eventually happen, that he would be carried away by this land and all that it contained.

Zoombee cleared his mind and focused on his goal, to find Hanzel. He walked down the road, guided by the make shift map that resided in his mind. He turned back and looked at the bridge for a moment. By sun set tommorow he had to be on it with Hanzel.


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